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Free Blind String, Bead Chain, and Cloth Tape Samples

Fix My Blinds sends out FREE string, chain and cloth tape samples. This can be very helpful if you’re not sure which diameter string you need,  or if you need to match string, or cloth tape color-wise.  To get your free samples, simply go to any related page on the Fix My Blinds website.  Click the ‘Get Free Samples’ link in the banner:

On the Sample Order Form, enter up to 3 samples and your shipping information.  We’ll send you the samples within 1 business day!


How to Remove Window Blinds

With the many types of blinds and shades, there are as many ways to remove and re-hang them.  From time to time, you may have to remove a blind to paint, or to do a repair.  Either way, the task of taking down a blind and re-hanging it can require a little bit of professional know-how to safely accomplish.   Here are some video’s from Fix My Blinds that show you how to remove and replace several different types of blinds and shades:

Visit Fix My Blinds for parts, string and FREE instruction.

Fix My Blinds – A Do It Yourself Blind Repair Website

Vertical Restring Routing Diagrams – Printable

Here are some vertical blind restring diagrams. Click the highlighted title to print as PDF:

Vertical String Routes – One Way

Vertical string routes - one way

Vertical String Routes – Split Draw

Vertical string routes - split

For instructional video’s on restringing a vertical blind headrail, click here.

If you need other instruction or blind string or parts – visit Fix My

How to Choose the Right Window Blinds

Choice and variety are fundamental expectations in 21st-century America. When I was a kid, coffee came either black or with cream and sugar. Nowadays I could fill a small dictionary with the list of coffee choices at my nearest Starbucks. In fact, I need a dictionary to explain all the different choices.

When it comes to window treatments, the choices have proliferated in a similar way. Having this kind of selection should be a blessing, not bewildering, so I’ve sorted out and defined some of the options to make the process easier for you.

Installing Blind Hold Down Brackets

Hold down brackets are useful for blinds that are mounted on doors, or even windows, where the problem of them moving around is an issue. They are typically made of either metal or plastic, and will have an integrated pin or a hole that accepts a pin that is in the bottom rail of the blind. Hold down brackets can be used with any blind or shade that is mounted on a door, and that has a bottom rail. Here are several video’s on how to install different kinds of hold down brackets:

To purchase hold down brackets, CLICK HERE.

Fraction to Decimal Conversions Part 2

Here’s a fraction to decimal chart for sizes down to the 128th of an inch:

Chart for fraction to decimal conversion

Click the link below for a printable PDF:

Fractions to Decimals

Fraction to Decimal Conversions

convert fractions to decimalsConverting fractions to decimals is useful in many building projects, when ordering custom made products, or when ordering materials for a project. To have general knowledge of how fractions relate to decimals, and vice-versa, and how the conversions work, can save a lot of confusion. Here are some handy tables that display these conversions:

Fractions of an Inch (top) – Decimals of an Inch (bottom)

fraction to decimal chart

Inches (top) – Decimals / Fractions of a Foot (bottom)

fraction to decimal chart

Inches & Fractions of an Inch (top) – Decimals in Hundredths

fraction to decimal chart

Click the link below to download and print a copy of these tables:

Fractions & Decimals

Common Blind Tilting and Wand Problems

So, the wand on your blind has stopped tilting the slats, or has fallen off? This is a common problem with all types of horizontal blinds, and thankfully, is easy to fix. Here are some examples of why this happens and what are the solutions.

Problem: The wand or wand tip has broken and has fallen off. This can happen with many of the different kinds of wands.

Solution: Buy a new Wand

broken blind wandblind wands various tips


Problem: The plastic sleeve has broken, causing the want to fall off.

Solution: Buy a new Sleeve. You may have to replace the hook if it has gone missing.

blind wand hook on stembroken blind sleeve for tilter

Problem: The wand turns without tilting the slats – due to a broken tilt mechanism, or the tilter stem has broken off, causing the wand to fall off. In either case, the tilt mechanism will need to be replaced.

Solution: Buy a new Tilt Mechanism

broken blind tilter gear mechanismtilter mechanism stem snapped off

various horizontal blind tilters

Refer to the Fix My Blinds website, and Instructions page for additional info and help.


Blind Repair Instruction Page Instructions

Here’s some quick instructions on how to navigate the Fix My Blinds ‘Instructions’ page:

1) Click on the Instructions tab seen here:

searchable blind repair instructions

 2) Type in the type of instruction in the search box. Relevant instructions will automatically appear as you type:

searchable blind repair instructions

3) Narrow your search, if needed, by entering type of blind:

window blind repair instructions

4) Click on the instruction of your choice:

window blind repair instructions


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