Blind Cleaning 101

There are several ways to clean blinds – from simple hand cleaning or vacuuming, to cleaning that uses professional equipment.  The best method for your blinds will depend on the type of window covering, your time, ability and budget.  Let’s look at some of these:

  • Hand cleaning
  • Wipe blinds one slat at a time, or with the blind slats open using a rag.  You can make a pail of a light detergent for a metal or plastic slat, or use wood soap for wood slats.  Vacuuming the slats first with a brush attachment will help get the bulk of the dust and dirt off before you start
  • On-Site Blind and Drapery Cleaning
    • Cleans cloth blinds/shades and drapery as they hang – similar to steam cleaning
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
      • Done by professional using an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner.  This method causes super energy-driven sound waves to create millions of tiny bubbles, which impregnate all parts of the blind or shade, cleaning all the hard to reach areas

Here’s a video of this process:

However you do it, keeping your blinds and shades clean is a good idea for many reasons!

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