Cord Loops – Repair or Replace?

Continuous cord loops are a loop of cord that come in foot increments.  They are factory made using a special bonding process.  This process, while strong and resilient, will not prevent the cord loop from wearing out over time and breaking at the weld.

Unfortunately, like tires on your car, cord loops will not last forever.  Attempts to refuse a cord loop back together, either with heat, or glue, will only provide a temporary fix at best.

Fortunately, cord loops are inexpensive and are easy replace.  Here are a couple video’s explaining the repair process:

While your shade may be different, the same basic techniques are used.  Fix My Blinds also has cord loop replacement video’s for other styles as well on the instructions page.

Choosing the right cord loop diameter for your shade is easy as well.  Here’s another video on how to do that:

So, while repairing a cord loop may provide a temporary solution, learning how to replace them is essential and easy!

Click here to go to Fix My Blinds cord loop page.

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