DIY Blind Installation

Blind installation can be an easy and fun process that can save you lots of money.  Whether you order your blinds online from a reputable company such as, or you buy them locally, putting them in yourself can bring great satisfaction to the DIY homeowner.

There are tons of online resources, and most blinds come with installation instructions that will make the job go smoothly.

Here’s some links to downloadable installation instructions: Installation Instructions

Bali Blinds Installation Instructions

Graber Blinds Installation Instructions

Levolor Blinds Installation Instructions

A couple good tools to have are:

A Cordless Drill, which can be purchased at most hardware and large retail stores.

cordless drill

Another tool that helps the cordless drill be much more effective is a Magentic Hex Driver, available at

hex driver magnetic 1/4 inch

With the magnetic hex driver, you can use hex head screws which fit snuggly into the driver and allow the screw to be driven easily while installing brackets.

Using a cordless drill with the magnetic hex driver will make your blind installation job easier, save time, make it much safer, and when finished, you’ll have the satisfaction of a professional job well done!

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