Extending the Life of Your Blinds

Proper operation is essential in order to get the most out of your blinds and shades, while improper use can drastically reduce the life of your blinds or shades.wood blinds with cloth tapes in dining room

Here are some good rules of thumb when operating blinds and shades:

  • #1 – Be gentle with them
  • Raise and lower them with the string close to the blind or shade – do not pull it out toward you. This will keep the strings from rubbing improperly on the cord lock or on the cord lock casing
  • On all pleated and honeycomb shades, make sure to raise them all the way up periodically to keep the pleats from falling out
  • If your blind has a tilter, do not apply too much force to the tilter by over-rotating
  • If you have a large wood or faux wood blind, consider using one hand to lift the slats while the other is pulling on the lift cords.  This will take pressure off the cord lock

Following these rules of thumb can GREATLY increase the life of your blinds and shades!

For more information on blind repair, blind parts and instruction, click here to visit Fix My Blinds.

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