Do-It-Yourself Considerations

In many ways it seems as if the DIY craze has taken on a life of its own.  There are a glut of DIY shows on the various Cable channels, and of course, one only needs to look at the HUGE success of companies like The Home Depot and Lowes over the last decade or so, to see that DIY has exploded in popularity.  This is a good thing – giving people the opportunity to save money, gain the satisfaction of acquiring new skills, and pride in a job well done.

That said, one should apply cost / benefit considerations before tackling a new DIY project.  Some questions to ask would be:

  • Would it be better to hire a pro or do it myself?
  • How much will the project actually cost?
  • Can I find good instruction to be able to do the job right?
  • Is it a good excuse to buy some new tools? 🙂

All of these are excellent questions to ask before your next DIY project.

Let’s answer those questions in light of Blind Repair, this blog and Fix My

  • Repairing a blind yourself, more times than not, is better than hiring a pro.  (Based on the average person’s DIY abilities – with our instructions, and the ease of ordering blind parts and string)
  • Cost / benefit ratio for most blind repairs almost always favors repair, especially if the blind was custom-made!
  • Blind repair instruction is in good supply here, and continually growing.
  • Fortunately, most blind repairs are done with tools found in the average tool box.  So if buying new tools is the primary consideration, you may want to take on that bathroom remodel. 😉

Good luck on all your future DIY projects!

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