Finding Good Service People

Finding good service people can be challenging, but doing your “due diligence” is always a good idea when hiring for your next project.  Good service people who care about what they do and provide value to the customer are out there, and can be found a number of different ways.  Here are some good tips:

  1. Ask around.  Maybe a someone you know will have a good recommendation for the service you are looking for.
  2. Social Media.  If you see a recommendation of a service company, make a note of it.  You never know when you’ll need a particular service.
  3. Service review websites, such as:


Angies List gives reviews of local service companies such as plumbers, contractors, doctors, etc.

4.  Service matching websites, such as:

home advisor

Home Advisor matches you to your home repair or improvement need.  It will then ask some questions to match you with the appropriate professional.

5.  Before you hire anyone new, you should also check with your local Better Business Bureau:

download (3)

Once you find your local chapter, you can search for that particular company and check their rating.

When you find good service people, make sure you keep their contact information so you don’t forget them, and so that you can also refer them to your friends and family.  They’ll certainly appreciate it!

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  1. We’ve been looking for some good services to come out and do some new blinds for us, and I think that your tip to ask around is always a great place to start. My wife and I have wanted to get new blinds since we moved into our home, and I think its finally the right time. Hopefully we can get some good referrals from friends as to a good blinds service and get things taken care of soon!

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