Most Common Blind Repairs

There are many different kinds of blind repairs – In this article we will deal with the 3 most common:

Restringing a blind is a fairly easy common repair.  Because manufacturer string warranties usually end within 3 – 5 years, restringing is a useful repair to learn in order to keep your blinds in top shape.  Here’s a couple video’s for this type of repair:

Tilt mechanisms, or tilters, are the gear that tilts the blind slats in most horizontal blinds.  Vertical blinds with a wand control have tilters as well.  Replacing a tilter is a very easy repair in most blinds.  At Fix My Blinds, the “Identify Your Tilter” page takes the mystery out of getting the right one in 2 easy steps.  After you receive your new tilter, replacment videos can be used to help you through the process.  Here’s a couple of examples:

Valance clips are usually made of plastic, and because of that, they become brittle over time and will need periodic replacing.  But fortunately, this is a very easy repair.  These clips come in many shapes and sizes, and because most slatted blinds have a valance, there are often dozens of valance clips to choose from.  To find the right clip, the Fix My Blinds website narrows the choices by blind category – mini-blinds; wood, faux wood, venetian blinds; and vertical blinds.  Here’s a short video on valance clips:

Parts and instruction support for these and other repairs can be found at Fix My Blinds dot com.

Good luck on all your blind repair projects!

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