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Identify Your Blind Tilter

by on January 6, 2014

identify horizontal blind tilter mechanismBlind tilter replacement is a very common and easy-to-do repair.   To identify your tilter, or tilt mechanism, Fix My Blinds has come up with a “Identify Your Tilter – 2 Easy Steps” process for all horizontal blinds with a tilter. The 2 Easy Steps are as follows: 1) Remove the blind and measure the end of the headrail, height + depth. 2) Identify size and shape of the tilt rod (in the headrail), or tilt rod hole in the tilter. After those 2 parameters are identified, you will be directed to the tilt mechanisms that will work for your blind. For video instruction on replacing your tilter – click here.

  1. stewart brooks permalink

    Headrail on my blind is inch and half by inch and half tilt mechanism has a one eighth square hole do you stock this item

    • We may. Please look at this part:

  2. I have a vinyl verticle blind, when I turn the wand one blind won;t turn eather way.?

    • The tilt mechanism needs to be replaced. Please take the broken part out of your blind and compare it to the parts we have on our website on this page:

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