Fixing the Most Common Renter Accidents

spackle patch a hole in a wall

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With the housing market in a shambles, many people are renting rather than buying a home. Renting an apartment or house for many years isn’t uncommon and during that time accidents happen as well as normal wear and tear. There are many small problems that renters can fix themselves without getting the landlord involved. For a landlord, no news is good news, so if you can do it yourself, then even better.

Fixing a Hole in the Wall

Maybe you were moving some furniture and accidentally put a chair leg through the wall (or a game of indoor football got a little out of hand). Whatever happened, there is now a hole in the wall and you don’t want to call the landlord to fix it. If the hole is small enough, say about the size of a fist (no judgement), then you can go to a local hardware store and buy a simple patch kit. The kit includes mesh to cover the hole, a small amount of spackle and a tool for application. Larger holes require custom cut mesh and more spackle.

If the hole is very large, then you it may best to simply replace the drywall. Cut out the drywall to the studs and place a new panel that fits using drywall screws, spackle and tape.

Once the hole is fixed, no matter the size, wait for it to dry and sand it smooth. Once it’s completely smooth then prime and paint it. You’re good to go.

Many more tips and tricks found here:

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