The EasyClean Duster

Blinds are notoriously hard to clean by hand.  Wiping slats one by one not only takes forever, but it doesn’t do a great job.EASYCLEAN micro fiber DUSTER

With the ‘spring cleaning’ season upon us, the dread of blind cleaning can be overwhelming, but before you spend another minute thinking about it, consider buying an Easyclean Duster.  This handy device can make a tedious job much easier, and save you lots of time and money.

The EasyClean Duster has 3 rotating fingers that swallow dust and rotate 360 degrees for maximum cleaning. These dusting fingers can be removed and washed and then re-used. The duster also has an adapter that can be attached to the end of the handle and an extension pole applied to use it for tall and hard to reach blinds and shutters. It has multiple uses and purposed beyond cleaning blinds and shutters. Use the EasyClean Duster on furniture and lighting and anything else in your home that needs dusting.

There are positioning holes which give 1″ spacing and help you configure the best setup for the cleaning of your blinds or shutters. It can clean any blind or shutter including 1″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″, and 4″. It gets better because with its microfiber chenille dusting noodles the EasyClean duster latches on to the dust on your blind slats. Microfiber has a unique ability to catch and trap the dust with its wedge shaped polyester fibers. They cling to the dust better and are far more effective than round shaped fibers which nylon produces. Microfiber lifts the dust off of the surface you are cleaning. The EasyClean Duster can be inserted into the slats and it will clean both top and bottom of the slats at the same time. Use it to reach those tough areas around the tilt bars on plantation shutters and also the cords and ladders on a blind. Once soiled the dusting fingers can be cleaned and re-used for multiple uses making our duster even more of a value.

After cleaning all you blinds and shutters don’t stop there! Use it to clean anything in your home. Picture frames, lighting, furniture, moldings and edges can all be easily cleaned with the Easy Clean duster. It is the ultimate “All in one” duster that has the ability to clean more than just blinds and shutters.

To purchase the EasyClean Duster – click here.

To see the Easyclean Duster in action – check out this video:

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