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Vertical Blind Stack Positions

by on May 7, 2014

Vertical blinds have 4 basic stacking positions that we will cover here. Stack is the position of the vanes when retracted to the open position. Keep in mind that these stack positions are while facing the blind from the inside. Control position, (the position of the controls that operate the blind), are either right or left, and are thus, different than stack position.

Here are the 4 stacking positions:

Left Stack

vertical blind Left Stack example

Right Stack

vertical blind Right Stack example

Center Stack

vertical blind Center Stack example

Split Stack

vertical blind Split Stack example

  1. Daniel Johnson permalink

    I have a split stack, how do I change it to center stack?

    • Daniel – We don’t have the instructions for making that change. I’d google it to see if there are instructions online and/or contact a local repair person in your area to see if they can change the operation for you.

  2. omar permalink

    can you change from split stack to side stack

    • Omar,
      Yes, you can, but finding all the required parts can be difficult. We do not currently have instructions for this change either. I’d do a google search and see if there’s anything out there.

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