Blind Wand Types & Tips

different types of blind wand tips

There are several types of blind wand types and tips for the variety of available blinds. They vary based on function and the type of tilt mechanism they connect to. Tilt mechanisms that have a hook, generally match with a wand with a hole in the tip, while those with a hole, will match with a want with a hook tip. Within those types, there are variations of hooks and and holes as well.

Blind wand materials also vary.  Horizontal blinds such as mini-blinds and faux wood blinds, generally have a plastic wand, while wood blinds have wood wands.  Vertical blinds generally require wand that are more ridged do to the stress of pulling and tilting more weight, and are therefore made out of fiberglass or metal.

All of these, in many different colors, shapes and sizes are available at Fix My Blinds.

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