Replacing Cloth Tape in a Wood, Faux Wood or Venetian Blind

Whether out of necessity or for a change in color, replacing cloth tape in a blind is an easy job.

Here’s a handy formula when calculating how much cloth tape is needed:


  • One blind, 40 inches long with two cloth tapes
  • 40 inches + 12 inches = 52 inches
  • Multiply it by the number of cloth tape ladders (2)
  • 52 inches x 2 ladders = 104 inches
  • Divide the total number of inches by 12
  • 104 inches divided by 12 = 8.66 feet
  • Now round up to the nearest foot – Total = 9 feet

You can purchase cloth tape at Fix My Blinds in various colors and sizes.

Once you’ve got the new cloth tape – here’s a video on how to do the job:



  1. I’ve got Venetian blinds with tapes but not sure if I like the tapes on them. Is it possible to remove the tapes or are they part of the mechanics that hold them together

  2. Brenda – I do need to know which measurements are for the length of the blind. I also need to know how many pieces of tape each blind has on it. You can reply here or give our office at a call at 719-597-0696. We’re happy to discuss this with you.

  3. Please let me know how many tapes and ladders I will need to repair my 2″ faux woods. Blind sizes: 24X36, 36X62, 72X62, 84X62. Thanks so much!

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