Concrete Damaged by Tree Roots

It’s amazing the damage tree roots can do to concrete walks and driveways.  One would think that a tree would rather send its roots deeper into the soil in search of moisture and stability, but that is not always the case.  There are many species of trees that spread their roots fairly close to the surface, and, believe it or not, have the power to lift and destroy large sections of concrete.

Unfortunately, the future growth of the tree, and its root system are often not considered when planting.  Consequently, within a decade or so, this causes surrounding concrete damage, and the removal of the tree. This is why it’s always good to contact a qualified landscape specialist, or arborist before a tree is planted. Doing so can prevent trouble later, as seen in this picture:

tree roots ruin sidewalk
Quite a trip hazard!

Here’s a picture of tree roots removed from under a damaged 10′ x 10′ concrete slab:

tree roots underneath driveway
That’s a lot of roots!

Minor repairs to concrete, such as concrete leveling, or mud jacking, as long as the damage is slight and the tree is removed so it cannot get any worse.  The examples above would not fall into that category.

So, while you’re planning your summer landscape projects, make sure to take care as to where you plant trees.




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