Valance Clip Options for Horizontal Blinds

Valance clips come in many shapes and sizes.  Even when valances are similar, the clips that mount them to the blind can vary in look and function.  This reality does beg the question, ‘why can’t valance clips be more universal?’  The answer to which can be as simple as economics, that is, making it cheaper, or function, making it better. Either way, we are left with dozens of different valance clips to choose from. Some of these are interchangeable which can be useful to know if (and/or when), the original valance clip becomes obsolete, or when a new way of mounting the valance is needed.

The best way to find the correct valance clip is to match it visually, then by size, to the pictures found on  If you don’t see your exact valance clip, consider the following examples and tips for mounting your valance.

Here’s an example of 2 valance clips, sometimes called ‘C’ clips, that mount the same 2 1/2″ high valance:

horizontal blind valance clip comparison

Here’s another (not so obvious) equivalent valance clip:

horizontal blind valance clip

On the above clip, the 2 prongs fit into a channel in the back of a valance.  If the valance is 2 1/2″, then the 2 ‘C’ clips above will replace the one with the prongs.  Here’s another option for the same size and type of valance:

horizontal blind valance clip

This ‘hidden’ valance clip is used to connect to a plastic mounting strip that is fixed to the back of the valance, like this:

horizontal blind valance clip on mounting strip


If you want to purchase the valance strips and corresponding hidden clips, you can replace ‘C’ clips to give your valance a more streamline look. On the other hand, you can replace the strips and clips with ‘C’ clips.

Confused yet? Sorry about that. 🙂

This short blog was just to show that you don’t have to have the exact valance clip in order to mount a valance. There usually more than one way to mount a valance.

Here’s a short video on how to measure and install valance clips:

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