Installing Home Improvement Store Blinds

Just in the last several decades, we have seen the meteoric rise of home improvement stores.  The success of stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and others, proves they have captured a market that was there, just waiting to be tapped.  Along with this has come the rise of the ‘Do-it-Yourself-er’, that is, people who are willing to tackle all sorts of ‘home improvement’ project because of the easy access of supplies from these stores, as well as the wealth of information that can be accessed for free on the Internet and other places.

One particular niche that these stores have taken advantage of is semi-custom blinds.  Many of these stores stock a range of the most popular blinds found in most homes. Customers can measure their own windows, go to the store, pick out the blinds they want and have them cut to size with special machinery at the store. They can then take them home and install them themselves – saving money over professional installation.

Here are a few video’s on how to install typical blinds purchased at a home improvement store:

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