Youtube Instructional Repair Video’s

To the DIY’ers great delight, Youtube instructional video’s have exploded over the last decade. You can find instructions to repair just about anything – for FREE!! There are many Youtube channels dedicated to home improvement and repair, car repair, computer repair, and assembly of just about anything. Some of these video’s are produced by companies that are explaining how to use the products they sell to the public at large.  This is the case with us here at Fix My Blinds, as well as the big box stores who sell various other items. Instructional video’s are also produced by average people who just want to show the world how to do something. Either way, it is good to support these videos, and the people who produce them, by sharing them or providing feedback when you can.  I can tell you that it is much appreciated to know that the video’s we produce here at Fix My Blinds are used and appreciated.

Here are some instructional video’s for various repairs:

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet with a Single Handle Design

Official iPhone 4S Screen / LCD Replacement Video & Instructions

How to fix a small dent

How To: Restring A Weedeater

How to Restring a Horizontal Wood Blind

Of course we had to include one of our many Youtube instructional video’s. 🙂

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