Common Blind Tilting and Wand Problems

So, the wand on your blind has stopped tilting the slats, or has fallen off? This is a common problem with all types of horizontal blinds, and thankfully, is easy to fix. Here are some examples of why this happens and what are the solutions.

Problem: The wand or wand tip has broken and has fallen off. This can happen with many of the different kinds of wands.

Solution: Buy a new Wand

broken blind wandblind wands various tips


Problem: The plastic sleeve has broken, causing the wand to fall off.

Solution: Buy a new Sleeve. You may have to replace the hook if it has gone missing.

blind wand hook on stembroken blind sleeve for tilter

Problem: The wand turns without tilting the slats – due to a broken tilt mechanism, or the tilter stem has broken off, causing the wand to fall off. In either case, the tilt mechanism will need to be replaced.

Solution: Buy a new Tilt Mechanism

broken blind tilter gear mechanismtilter mechanism stem snapped off

various horizontal blind tilters

Refer to the Fix My Blinds website, and Instructions page for additional info and help.



  1. I have a set of blinds in my stairway, but the wand is only 60 inches. is there an accessory that will allow me to add/glue an additional length of wand so that I can open and close my blinds without a stepladder?

  2. My hook part is on the wand. The plastic hook broke and I can’t find the exact plastic wand tip fir the Kirsh wood wand. Can you help?

  3. The turning wand on my vertical blinds has become hard to turn. The blinds still work fine, it’s just that the wand is much harder to turn now. Is there a way to fix this or could it be that it just needs cleaning inside?

  4. I have a broken sleeve as described in your second ‘Problem’ above. I still have the hook, and found a replacement sleeve, but I can’t figure out how to get the combination on the stub sticking out from the blind housing. I am trying to slide the sleeve over the top of the hook and then install the hook onto the stub, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jeff.

    1. Depending on how long the shaft coming out of the blinds is, this may not be possible. The sleeve slides onto the shaft first. Then, the hook is installed. If there isn’t enough space to get the sleeve over the hole where the hook fits in, replacing the tilt mechanism itself is really the best option.

      1. Thank you for the reply, and that is the conclusion I was coming to. There is not enough room to slide the sleeve onto the shaft first and then allow the hook to be installed and then sliding the sleeve down over the hook. My blind is in a low traffic area, and I don’t want to replace the whole tilt mechanism, so I am going to bend the bottom of the hook where the wand attaches straight with needle nose pliers, slide the sleeve on that way after the hook is installed, and then bend the hook again at the bottom. Hopefully this will work well enough. Thanks again.

  5. Not that this is easy as a DIY project. But I’m gladly considering it! The cost of a new set of blinds is just staggering! Thanks for this, seriously!

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