Save Money Fixing Your Blinds

I’m often asked whether repairing a blind is ‘better’ than replacing. While this question is subjective, and based on each individual situation, blind repair is often times much more economical that replacement. Here are some real world cost estimates versus replacement:


The replacement estimate shown is based on discount online prices of a custom blind with no professional measuring or installation included. Certainly the choice of repairing or replacing will involve other considerations.  Sometimes it’s just time to replace blinds that are old. The blind industry seems to put a shelf life on blinds somewhere between 10 – 20 years, depending on wear, sun damage, and style, of course.  But as you can see, repairing is often the best economical choice between the two.

So, in my experience, and with a small investment of time viewing our online instruction, most people can easily accomplish the most common repairs and avoid buying a whole new blind.


  1. My blind closes and locks. When I open it, it won’t stay to the right…it closes about a third of the way across. It doesn’t “lock” open anymore. It is vertical cellular blind and covers a double sliding glass door… Can you recommend someone to fix it. I live in Louisville ky….many thanks for your help. 502 693-0556

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