Doing ‘DIY’ Repair Without Fighting With Your Spouse

When considering a Do-It-Yourself repair project, it’s good to take some time to access the project in terms of how it will affect the relationship with your better half. Let’s face it, DIY projects can be stressful, and they can also create tension in a relationship. Whether it be repairing window blinds, doing a plumbing repair, or replacing windshield wipers on your car – fixing anything is at least, a minor inconvenience, and at worst, a life interrupting hassle. To be sure, when it comes to approaching a project of any kind, it’s always good to understand that the people around us matter more than the ‘stuff’ that needs fixing.

Using a stereotypical husband and wife as an example, here are a few tips that will help make your next DIY repair a good experience:

  1. Get your significant other involved – For example, guys, if your wife is the one responsible for decorating, make sure she is good with the color and design of anything that would affect the decor.  And ladies, make sure your husband is involved when it comes to measurements, and any other specs that would affect fit and function.
  2. Agree on the cost – Make sure the costs of a repair are agreed upon before starting the project.  It’s not good when you get halfway into a project, only to realize it would have been cheaper to replace the item.
  3. Timing is everything – Know generally how long the project will take.
  4. Know your limits – This applies especially to guys – make sure you can do the project yourself before you commit. There is no shame in hiring a professional, and you will still be the hero.
  5. Don’t forget to enjoy the process – Life is not perfect. Things break and need repair, but people last forever. Make sure to enjoy the process by learning, laughing, and working together!

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