Measuring String Thickness

When it comes time to replace the string in your blinds or shades, the first step is measuring the thickness of the string. Getting the correct thickness or diameter is important for the window covering to operate properly.

To measure properly, we recommend doing the following: Wrap your current un-frayed string around anything round (like a pencil) 10 times, and measure the width of those 10 wraps. We have the measurement conversions on this webpage:

Believe it or not, a customer of ours shared this highly accurate and very simple method with us years ago! We liked his idea so much, we changed the way we help customers measure their string.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of how we used to guide customers for selecting string diameter. The new way, which we began in about 2009, is much more accurate and takes out all the guess work in finding the right size.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 10.32.54

We also send out free string samples from our website, too, if that is easier for you. Please click this link to order samples: Order Free Samples

This video shows how to measure string, too:


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