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Tension Rod Hacks for Your Home

by on May 17, 2016

blog_Tension-rod        I don’t know about you, but I love easy and inexpensive ideas for improving my home. Several years ago when I painted my kitchen, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to use as a window covering. I’m a short woman and found it would be too difficult to reach strings or wands on blinds, and I didn’t want a shade to completely block my outside view and all the sunlight. I opted for my own unique creation. I purchased two tension rods and two white fabric window valances. I bought some fun trim at my local fabric store and stitched it on the bottom of each valance to coordinate with my tropical blue paint. This unique covering gives me the ability to enjoy the view and streams in light, all while providing moderate privacy and a finished look to my space.


Here are a few more ideas for using simple tension rods around your home:

Tension Rod Hacks for Your Home


  1. Thanks for a great post. You are spot on tension rods are so versatile. You can use them for ribbon storage, under your sink…the list goes on.

    • Thanks for your positive comment!

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