Is This Worth Fixing? – Vertical Blind Edition

4727e5648f68b8c10e731dc5e0de4808A question we hear quite often over the phone from customers is:

Is this worth fixing? 

In many cases, the answer is YES! Today, we will go over common problems with vertical blinds that can be fix, and what problems signal it is time to replace it.

Let’s first discuss some issues that mean it’s time for a replacement, no questions asked.

  • Bent/broken top rail
  • Broken carriers
  • Missing or bent tilt rod (inside the head rail)
  • Missing or broken carrier straps

With vertical blinds, if you want to keep your existing vanes, consider just purchasing a new head rail. We recommend Going Vertical for new head rails.

If you only need new vanes, try ReSlat. They have a great variety!VS-2T

One of the easiest things to repair on a vertical blind is broken slats. The hole at the top ripped out, and can’t be rehung. Check out Vane Savers!

The string broke! The chain broke! You can easily restring the blind and put new chain on the control gear. Look here and here.

When you pull on the string or twist the wand, nothing happens. That’s the tilt mechanism. You can view those herebroken.vertical.tilter

If the chain and clip or weights in the bottom of the fabric vertical vanes have broken or are missing, you can purchase new parts here.

We sell a wide variety of parts for vertical blinds. Many are easy fixes. Before you throw out your verticals, visit our website, and see if we have the repair part you’re looking for!

Buy Vertical Blind Parts




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