Simple Concrete Blocks

cinderblockThere are so many creative ideas for making your home and garden your own unique space. I’m especially enjoying pinning ideas for projects with concrete blocks.

Concrete blocks are mostly hollow bricks made from concrete that are used in building and masonry projects. Before the 1930’s, they were made from a mixture of concrete and cinder, the remains of burned coal. That’s where they got their name. (For more information about this type of building block, visit Made How.)

These blocks are relatively inexpensive, and come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase them at your local big box home improvement store.

Below is a link to our Pinterest board featuring all sorts of ideas that use concrete blocks. I’ve found some beautiful ideas for creating a mosaic on the outside of the blocks. You can easily do this yourself, too, by breaking up ceramic or glass tiles, using some liquid nails for adhesive and grouting to seal it. Mosaic projects can be classic, quirky and anything in between. This is a great place to get your kids and family members involved. Here’s a very simple tutorial if you want to create a mosaic: Tutorial

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