Is This Worth Fixing? – Shade Edition

Last week, we talked about vertical blinds. This week, let’s discuss repairing or replacing shades. We carry parts and have instructions for Cellular, Honeycomb, Pleated, RV Day/Night, Roman, Woven Wood and Roller Shades.


A question we hear quite often: Is this worth fixing?  In many cases, the answer is YES!

Let’s first discuss some issues that mean it’s time to replace your shade, no questions asked.

  • Torn, ripped or separated fabric or shade material.
  • Bent, broken or missing bottom or top rails.
  • Spring loaded roller shades with broken spring mechanisms.
  • Cordless cellular shades that will no longer retract.

The easiest thing to repair on shades is the cord. Whether you have a standard operating shade or one that works with a continuous cord loop, we have the string – and instructions! – on our website here.

A common part that fails on shades is a cord lock. That is the device that holds the string in place when you raise the shade. We have a good selection of cord locks. Remove the lock from your shade, and compare it to the ones on our site here.


Many types of shades may operate with a clutch and continuous cord loop. We have clutches and loops for cellular shades, Roman shades, woven wood shades and roller shades. Here is the link!


Let’s say that you recently moved, had new windows installed or had some painting done, and the mounting hardware for your shade is BRACKET-38Cmissing. We have a large variety of mounting brackets for shades here.

RV Day/Night shades often need new string and parts, too. We are happy to have the string and components you may need here.

What happens if you’ve got a roller shade that you just love, but the spring-loaded mechanism has broken or you cannot find the right replacement clutch. What’s to be done? You can make your own custom roller shade! We sell kits that have all the parts you’ll need, as well as a comprehensive instructional video, on our website. Take a look on this webpage!

This is just a basic sampling of the repairs that can be made to shades. We sell parts for more repairs, too. If you have further questions, please leave a comment, visit our website or shoot us an email!

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