Is This Worth Fixing? – Horizontal Blind Edition

So far, we’ve covered vertical blinds and shades. Onward to horizontal blinds!  We carry parts and have instructions for Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Mini Blinds, and Venetian Blinds.


A question we hear quite often: Is this worth fixing?  In many cases, the answer is YES!

Let’s first discuss the issues that mean it’s time to replace your blinds, no questions asked.

  • Bent, broken or missing top or bottom rails.
  • Bent, broken or missing slats.

One of the most common problems with horizontal blinds is a broken tilt mechanism. That part is inside the top-most rail of the blinds, and controls the tilting of the slats. We sell lots of different types of tilt mechanisms. Please visit our Tilt Mechanism Buying Guide to find the correct replacement. This repair is much easier than you realize!

Another tilting problem can occur with the drums and cradles. If one of those breaks or the ladder string or cloth tape comes undone or is sun-rotted, it can be replaced as well. 
Or maybe you just need a new wand or a new hook to hang it from. That is a very simple repair.

Anytime you take your blinds down to clean, paint or remodel, the clips that hold the valance seem to break. We carry over 100 different types of valance clips here. I am sure we have one that will work! We also carry the most common sizes of mounting brackets for horizontal blinds here.

The cord on your horizontal blinds can become frayed and/or break over time. Restringing seems daunting at first, but with our helpful and comprehensive instructional videos, it is done in no time. Please measure your string, and find the right thickness here.

We also sell a large variety of other parts you may need to replace on your horizontal blindS: tassels, bottom rail buttons, end caps, cord locks and more! Check out our website for our full selection.

NEWLOGOSMWe don’t sell any parts for shutters, but highly recommend Shutter Medic for shutter parts.

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