Is this Worth Fixing? – Specialty Window Coverings Edition

Thus far, we have covered Shades, Vertical Blinds and Horizontal blinds. Today, we will wrap up our series discussing the repair of Specialty Window Coverings including soft shades, vertical cellular shades, sheer verticals, roll up shades, and traverse rods.


A question we hear quite often: Is this worth fixing?  In many cases, the answer is YES!

Let’s first discuss the issues that mean it’s time to replace your window covering, no questions asked.

  • Bent, broken or missing top or bottom rails.
  • Bent, broken or missing tracks.
  • Ripped or badly stained shade fabric or material.

c978f2754b7a6956bb266015716956e2For soft shades, such as the Hunter Douglas Silhouette, it is common for the cord loop to fray or break. That is easily fixed! We sell cord loops on our website and have an easy to follow instructional video for replacing the loop. We also carry the brackets for mounting some types of soft shades.

Vertical cellular shades, such as the Hunter Douglas VertiGlide, have a few different parts that can be replaced. If the string breaks, you can restring it with 1.2mm string. We also have a comprehensive video teaching you how to do this repair. Here is a link to the parts we sell for this type of window covering.

On sheer verticals, such as the Hunter Douglas Luminette, we carry the mounting hardware here. For other repair parts, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer. These types of window coverings are quite specialized.

We carry string and pulleys for roll up shades. Replacing both is fairly simple.

TENSION-15-WHITE-2Traverse rods can have string that breaks.We have cord that is made specifically for draperies here. We also sell the tension devices that hold the string down to the floor or trim.

The bottom line is that many repairs to your window coverings can be made by you in your own home. Repairing various types of blinds and shades isn’t as difficult as most people first believe. Plus, we’re here to help you with any questions that may come up! Give it a try!



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