Wooden Pallet Upcycling: Where Do I Begin?

A big thing these days is upcycling and repurposing wooden pallets. What was old and used can become new and lively again! But before you can create any of the amazing ideas out there, you’ve got to find the pallets. How do you do that?

Wood PalletsA good place to find pallets is a small business. Larger businesses are less likely to give away or sell pallets. Small businesses may be willing to give them away and could be a good place to build a lasting relationship. Exchange email addresses, and stay in touch. I know that here at Fix My Blinds, we often have to break the pallets down ourselves. If someone asked for them, we’d be happy to save them if someone came to pick them up. Some of the best businesses to find clean pallets are small garden & hardware stores, motorcycle shops, and lawnmower & power equipment stores. Beware of companies that get deliveries with chemicals or liquids. You may want to think twice before reusing that wood.

If all else fails, turn to the internet! Put it out on social media that you’re looking for pallets, and look at Craigslist ads for people getting rid of pallets. The internet is a powerful place.

Now that you’ve found and carried home a pallet or two, what’s next? How do you take this thing apart so you can build the table/wall hanging/planter/bar/etc that you’ve got your eye on? The blog Lemon Thistle has a great video and tutorial for that. Check it out.

How to Disassemble a Wooden Pallet
There’s even a website with hundreds of ideas and tutorials for building all sorts of things with pallets. Visit it at www.1001pallets.com.


Go to our Pinterest board for even more ideas. Get inspired, and build something unique!




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