Hard to Find Mounting Brackets for Older Cellular Shades

Landing_Cellular_SymphonyYou know that your pleated or cellular shades are older, but you still love them. Plus, the fabric is in great condition and matches your decor. Maybe you even have lots of the same shades providing seamless coordination throughout your home. There’s no need to replace them; you have no desire to replace them. But when you took them down to paint or have new windows installed, the brackets broke. You’ve been to the big box stores and small hardware shops in your town, but no one has the mounting hardware. Are you doomed?

We have the answer! At Fix My Blinds, we carry many different hard to find mounting brackets for various ages and brands of cellular and pleated shades. Below are some of our most popular brackets. The graphics show the older style bracket and the newer replacement bracket that we sell. Check out our entire selection here: Brackets. It is very important to verify that your bracket matches what we label as the Old/Obsolete bracket before purchase.


Delmar Pleated Shades


Louverdrape Cellular and Pleated Shades


Comfortex Symphony Cellular Shades

New = Old Symphony

Kirsch Cellular and Pleated Shades


Graber Crystal Pleat & Bali Diamond Cellular Shades


Verosol Cellular Shades



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