Which Wand Do I Need?


You’re missing a wand from a blind in your home. Maybe it broke or wasn’t there when you moved in. How do you figure out which wand you need when there isn’t one left to match? Follow these easy steps to find out!

  1. What type of blind do you have? Vertical blinds and draperies will use fiberglass or metal wands. Horizontal blinds (wood, faux wood, mini and Venetian blinds) will use plastic or wooden wands.
  2. How does the wand attach to the blinds? If there is an open hook, just about any wand will fit, but if it is a closed circle attachment, make sure the tip of the new wand has a hook or compatible attachment.
  3. How long does the wand need to be? Make sure everyone who will be operating this blind can reach the wand. You may like a longer wand if the blind is located behind a larger piece of furniture.
  4. Which color is best? Usually wands match the blinds themselves. Or, clear is always a good option!

Please visit Fix My Blinds to browse and purchase any wands that you may need! 

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