Tiny House Thinking for Your Home

Tiny houses are continuing to grow in popularity ever since they gained momentum several years ago. Some believe that the ideas of “tiny living” started with Henry David Thoreau in Walden. In his book, Thoreau states that he, “wished to live deliberately.” I think that idea of experiencing life on purpose partially fuels the tiny house movement.

The average size of the american house is 2,600 square feet. A “tiny house” is defined as less than 400 square feet of living space. (A Small house is consider 400-1,000 square feet.) While downsizing to 400 or less square feet is extreme, there are some ways to employ the ideals of tiny living into our big, everyday homes. Below are tips to help you create a deliberate, vibrant space.

This mirrored console table will open up small spaces with reflections.

* Use Mirrors. Give natural life the opportunity to reflect and create openness. Mirrored furniture can be a fun way to play with this.

* Use light-colored paint and/or wallpaper. Some accent pieces (like cabinets) can be darker, but lighten up spaces with brighter paint colors.


* Declutter! Get rid of or re-purpose furniture that you aren’t using. Also, clean out cabinets, drawers and closets so that you can find what you need and use on a regular basis.

This coffee table is masquerading as a storage piece and dining area.

* Get some double duty furniture. Use a platform bed frame that has drawers or an ottoman you can store games in. Get streamlined pieces and not anything bulky.


* Don’t neglect opportunities to go vertical with storage or decorations. Hang shelves on the wall to store books and other items.

* Using acrylic or Lucite furniture can really open up an otherwise cramped space. These transparent items work well for coffee and end tables in living spaces or multipurpose rooms.

A transparent Lucite coffee table.



Here are even more tips from HGTV from lessons learned living tiny.


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