What is it? A Clutched Tilt Mechanism

economy_wood_blinds__81503-1344963582-1280-1280Imagine waking up on a blue-skied, sunny day, and, wanting to enjoy the view, you twist the wand to open your horizontal blinds, but nothing happens. The gear inside is broken, and you can’t appreciate your view!

One of the most common repairs on horizontal blinds is replacing the tilt mechanism. That is the gear inside the head rail of the blinds that controls the tilting of the slats that make up the blind. Your blind may have a tilt mechanism that is controlled by a wand or by cord.

Many tilt mechanisms are fully geared, meaning that there are teeth all the way around the gear wheel. However, some tilt mechanism feature a clutch. This means that there is an area on the gear wheel that does NOT have teeth on it. The benefit of a clutched tilt mechanism is that it cannot be over-tightened, causing part failure.

Installing a tilt mechanism with a clutch requires one additional step compared to a non-geared mechanism. Before installing the tilter, you need to set it so that it will open and close the slats completely. Capture2This video shows how to set this type of tilt mechanism before installing: WATCH VIDEO

To select the correct tilt mechanism for your blinds, please visit our easy to follow buying guide here.

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