When DIY = Failure

I recently got new bedding. My bedside lamp didn’t match anymore, and rather than purchase a new lamp, I decided to spray paint the one I’d been using. I followed a cool tutorial that included spray painting not just the base of the lamp, but also the lamp shade. (See tutorial here.)

The base came out great! The lamp shade…not so much. In the end, I purchased a new lamp shade to finish the project. Here’s proof of this project’s partial failure. Even those of us in the DIY business still have things that don’t quite turn out right.

Starting out. Painting the base navy and the lampshade white.
Disassembled the lamp and tapped off the light bulb base. Made the fatal error of cleaning shade with a lint roller. This made the cloth fibers of the shade fuzzy.
Painting the base was a breeze. Came out nice a glossy as planned.
Spray painted the shade. It wouldn’t cover well, looked blotchy and fuzzy. Tiny pieces of the shade came off whenever it was touched.
Tried using the painted shade. It looked awful when the light was on. It was very blotchy and left white “shade crumbs” all over. Time for Plan B!
Finished product with the new shade I bought for $10. Project was still cheaper than purchasing a new lamp and matches exactly how I wanted!


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