Slats, Slats, Slats!

Have your blinds reached the point of no return? When it’s time to replace them, think twice before tossing the old ones! There are so many creative, fun things you can do with an old, tattered blinds. I’ve compiled a list of fun and functional ways to reuse your blind slats.


First, I will start with old shutters. These are easy to turn into something great! You can slap on some paint, and hang as decoration. One of my favorite ways to reuse these is turning them into a functional piece of décor. Take for instance this DIY organizer:


Or this mail holder:


Adding hooks to the bottom makes it even more functional, especially if you are like me and always misplace your keys.


Another great idea for re-purposing old blind slats is gardening. You can use blind slats to organize your garden and to give it a little more character.

Here is a great way to organize your plants with old blind slats. I think using them as plant tags is a great idea because the slats should do a pretty good job handling the sunlight.


You can also make a square foot garden using the old slats as shown here:


One of the most frustrating things is when you have clean floors and someone comes in from the garden and gets dirt everywhere. Here is a fun, stylish solution to keeping the dirt outside, where it belongs:



A quick, easy and inexpensive way to organize your kitchen drawers is to line some blind slats in them to make compartments like this:



Last, but not least, you can turn old blind slats into pieces of art to hang around your house or office.


Whatever you do with your blind slats, have fun and get creative!

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