Let us Entertain You!

The holiday season is quickly approaching; are you ready to entertain?

I am going to walk you through a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the holidays: Blinds Edition.

Tip and Tricks for entertaining around the holidays:

Tip #1: Clean


I know this one sounds obvious, but some people don’t think about it, or they may run out of time before guests arrive. A tip I have if you run out of time… clean the bathroom and kitchen first. If you only had the chance to clean one room, I suggest making it the bathroom or kitchen if you can get both done. Guests usually won’t mind or even notice a little dust on the coffee table. Something about a clean kitchen makes the whole house seem cleaner. And a clean bathroom goes without saying!


Tip #2: Decorate


Even with just a few pieces, you can create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests. (It’s also fun!)


Tip #3: Music


Music can set the tone of any environment. Having some soft music playing in the background can make guests feel more at ease and also smooth out those quiet moments when the conversation dies down.


Tip #4: Always have snacks available


One big hosting faux pas is under serving. Your guests may feel uncomfortable asking for things, and I wouldn’t want my guest dying of thirst and not even realize it. Having simple things out such as bowls of chips, pretzels, or candy is a simple solution. Also having bottled drinks is an easy way to always have drinks readily available.


Tip #5: Smells


Having the house smell of fall or Christmas brings an entirely different feel to the party. cranberryYou could easily throw together some potpourri on the stove. Throw in whatever you’d like, but there are some awesome recipes out there to make your home smell of fall or Christmas. Things like cranberries, tangerines, cinnamon sticks, ginger, vanilla, and fresh pine go really well together. You could of course, opt for the candles. Either way, scents will make your home much more relaxing and welcoming.



Tip #6: Fix your blinds


Okay, this something most people don’t think about. While some things are more common to worry about, such as cleaning the house, decorating, and overall plans… What about those smaller, less common issues that arise, such as finally fixing those blinds that have been broken so long that you don’t even realize they are broken anymore. You really want to impress the family this year, and all of a sudden those blinds that won’t open or close all the way become a bigger deal.

First, don’t panic. Thankfully, companies such as Fix My Blinds exist. If your blinds aren’t opening or closing completely, you may need something replaced in the head rail, such as a tilt mechanism.

Was that last sentence gibberish to you? Feel free to visit our website at www.FixMyBlinds.com, call us at (719) 597- 0696, or email service@fixmyblinds.com, and we would be happy to answer any questions, and guide you through the process of fixing your blinds.

Happy entertaining!

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