What is it? Cleat vs. Tensioner

Fix My Blinds sells hundreds of different repair and replacement parts for blinds and shades. It can be hard, at times, to identify the item that you need to fix your own blinds.

A pulley-style cord tensioner often used on vertical blinds.

We have a great tool on our website here showing various drawings of blinds and shades with all of the parts labeled and named.

A popular we part we sell is called a Tensioner. A Tensioner (or tension device) is a part that holds down a looped cord or bead chain. They are used on all types of window coverings including cellular, roller and roman shades, and vertical blinds. Traverse rods for curtains and draperies may use a tension device as well. It simply holds the cord or chain down close to the wall so that it is not swinging about to get tangled or become a dangerous toy for a child.

A cord cleat does a similar job. It is a metal or plastic piece mounted to the wall to wrap long cords around. This is not to be used for a looped cord/chain like a tension device, but used when you draw up a blind or shade and have long lifting cords hanging down. Wrapping the long cord around a cord cleat keeps the cords safety out of reach from children, pets and the vacuum.


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