Don’t Throw Those Cards Away!

card2I love getting holiday cards and keeping in touch with friends and family. It adds to the warmth of the season getting those in the mail. But, after Christmas is over, what do you do with all of the cards? Just pitch them into the trash or the recycling bin? Here are a few ideas for reusing those cards and giving them new life! (These ideas can be applied to all greeting cards, not just holiday cards.)

  1. Use the front covers of the cards for Thank You notes. Simply tear or cut off the front of the card and write your holiday thank you notes on the back. The festive picture is still appropriate even after Christmas has passed. You may send them as a postcard or use an envelope.
  2. Use the card pictures and scenes as holiday gift wrap and gift tags next year. Save your favorites, and tuck them into the wrapping paper box. You can even use them to create a unique gift card package!
  3. Crafts! You can make tree ornaments, place cards and many other things out of greeting cards. This blog, The Art of Simple, has a great post here about what to do with old cards.


Gift tags made from recycled greeting cards.


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