What is it? String vs. Cord

Fix My Blinds sells 14 different thickness of string that you can use to restring your blinds and shades. A question that often gets asks is “What is the difference between string and cord?” To answer this questions, let’s look at a the definitions of the terms we are working with.


String is defined as material consisting of threads of cotton, hemp, or other material twisted together to form a thin length. Cord is long, thin flexible string or rope made from several twisted strands.

Semantically speaking, “string” has an inferred meaning of something thinner and smaller, while “cord” often refers to something thicker and more substantial. Here at Fix My Blinds, we’ve also heard this material referred to as rope, thread, line and twine. But, looking at the definitions of those words shows that they are made up of a length of material that is created when braiding or twisting strands together, just like string and cord.

The bottom line: For blinds and shades, string and cord are the same thing. And whatever you call it, Fix My Blinds has it!


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