Toolbox Treasures

Whether you regularly work on do-it-yourself projects, or just the occasional household fix, there are some essential tools that everyone should have handy. Here is a list of tools I keep in my toolbox that frequently see use.

Screwdriver – Maybe the most commonly used tool for most people. A screwdriver is used in many things like fixing your blinds,  tightening a loose screw, or using it to pry something out. A flat head is useful in getting many small parts out of your blind. This is a good tool to have multiple of in different sizes, and with  different heads (Philips and flat head are the most used in the US) so that you can do any repair needed.

Hammer – Useful for putting up pictures by driving in nails, or using the back part (the claw) to remove nails. Also a great tool to break down objects that are durable like an old table or desk.

Pliers – Great for loosening anything that was too tight or has rusted shut. There are different kinds of pliers for different uses. Tongue-and-groove are used to grip something round tightly, needle-nose for twisting wires, and Diagonal-Pliers for cutting. For blind repair they can often be used to remove parts that are difficult to grip or cannot be removed with other devices.

Scissors – Often used for arts and crafts, scissors can also be used for many different things and are a good thing to include in a toolbox. They are useful for cutting down string to restring your blind.

Tape measure – A good thing to have for when you are thinking about adding new furniture to a room or replacing something for a door. Doing any kind of repair you want to be as accurate as possible. When replacing blind parts, the dimensions of a new part are usually crucial in making sure you have the right part. kleintools-electricianshandtools_0


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