How Much String Do I Need: Vertical Blinds & Traverse Rods

  Determining the thickness of the string you need is critical, but it is also important to figure out how many feet of string you’ll need to restring your vertical blind or traverse rod. When restringing vertical blinds and traverse rods, the formula used to estimate the length of string you will need is: 2 x […]

The Economics of Blind Repair

I’m often asked whether repairing a blind is ‘better’ than replacing. While this question is subjective, and based on each individual situation, blind repair is often times much more economical that replacement. Here are some real world cost estimates versus replacement: The replacement estimate shown is based on discount online prices of a custom blind […]

How Much String Needed – Horizontal Blind or Shade

Here’s a good formula you can use to determine how much string you’ll need to restring a horizontal blind or shade: It’s a generous estimate that allows enough overage to compensate for any small measuring mistakes. Make sure to account for all of the string that might be hidden within fabric, if you’re estimating for a […]